What We Stock

All of our trusted, quality suppliers are carefully selected to ensure we only have the finest produce available to our customers. The majority of suppliers are within a 10 mile radius so a large amount of our stock is from right on our doorstep! By choosing to shop local you're helping to support Berwickshire businesses and to reduce food miles. 

We have freshly-laid, Organic Free-Range Eggs from right here at the Border Eggs farm, Specially Selected Greenvale Potatoes, Kathscakes Homemade Tray Bake, Northern Edge Whole Bean & Ground Coffee, Sally's Famous Chutney, Jam & Relish, a selection of Honey's and Honey Mustard from the Chain Bridge Honey Farm and much more!


A variety of fresh, local meat from Crossrig Farm such as Steaks in a variety of cuts and a range of produce from Slighhouses Farm Pork.

We also stock well known, quality brands and have a wide range of chilled soft drinks available. Dairy produce is also stocked, such as milk, cheese, butter and yoghurts.

The majority of products are available in different quantities however variety and volume of what we stock may vary from day to day depending on stock levels and seasonal availability of certain fresh produce. Find us on Facebook to keep up to date with what we currently have in stock. 

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Only 1 household allowed in the Farm Shop at any time.

Please wait in your car until your turn and always be respectful of social distancing measures.